What is the KUKA KRL Source Code Formatter?

KUKA KRL Source Code Formatter is a program which re-indents your KUKA KRL (KUKA Robot Language) source code. It also replaces source code like:

  • "a=b" to "a = b"
  • "Func(12,A,3)" to "Func(12, A, 3)"
  • "TIMER>=8" to "TIMER >= 8"
  • ...

The program comes in two versions:

  • KUKA_KRL_SourceIndent_GUI.exe: Version with Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • KUKA_KRL_SourceIndent_CMD.exe: Command line version.

The archive, you can download, brings also a XML-Configuration file for the editor notepad++ which will enable the syntax highlighting support for the KUKA Robot Language in notepad++ (see screenshots and chapter: "Intallation of syntax highlighting in notepad++ for KRL").


Graphical User Interface

Window of notepad++ with KRL Source Code, formatting and Syntax Highlighting for KRL.


The KUKA KRL Source Code Formatter does not need any installation. Just place the executables somewhere on your hard disk.

License and Operating System

This program is open-source, written in Delphi 5 by Steffen Satrapa. It works only on Microsoft Windows.


Intallation of syntax highlighting in notepad++ for KRL

If you want to enable the syntax highlighting in notepad++ for the KUKA Robot Language then you just have to copy the file: userDefineLang.xml from directory .\editors\notepad++\ of downloaded archive to the directory: %APPDATA%\Notepad++\.

Hint: If you are using the portable version of notepad++ from PortableApps.com the destination directory is: .\Notepad++Portable\App\Notepad++\

You need at least version 5.3.1 of notepad++.

How to use the Source Code Formatter directly into notepad++?

  • Copy the command line version (.\KUKA_KRL_SourceIndent_CMD.exe) of KUKA KRL Source Code Formatter and its config file of the downloaded archive (.\KUKA_KRL_SourceIndent_CMD.ini) into the notepad++ directory (e.g.: C:\program files\Notepad++\).
  • Open notepad++ and press F6 (Mainmenu --> Plugins --> NppExec --> Ececute).
  • Enter the commands:
        C:\program files\Notepad++\KUKA_KRL_SourceIndent_CMD.exe "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"
        set FileName = "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"
        NPP_OPEN $(FileName)
  • Click OK. Your source code will be formatted in the notepad++ editor window.


KUKA KRL Source Code Formatter [Version 0.3.0 (661 KB)] (executables with Delphi 5 source)
Updated: 2009-08-16 changelog/history