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Date: 2010-07-28

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I backup my MiriServer configuration?

At you normal Windows-Desktop press: WIN+R (the Execution-Dialog should appear) --> Type in: Regedit --> OK --> In the tree go to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MiriServer" --> Click right on "MiriServer" --> Choose "Export" --> Save the exported registry keys to your backup disk (extension: ".reg").
To restore your configuration, you only have to double click the backup-file and choose "yes".

Can I use MiriServer with my normal IR Interface of my PC?

No. If there is a IR-Interface on your Comport, it is possible that MiriServer can receives the signals. But normaly not. The normal IR Interface is not designed for IR-Remotecontrols. The best way to receive signals with MiriServer is the IRman receiver.

Is MiriServer compatible with the "Winlirq" receiver?

Yes, that's possible but you have to modify the "Winlirc" receiver. Please refer to this instruction .

Is MiriServer compatible with the "IRman" receiver?

MiriServer is fully compatible with the "IRman" receiver. IRman is the best choice for using with MiriServer. Please refer this description.

Can I use MiriServer on a laptop?

There are a few problems with laptops but this is is a hardware issue. The voltage on the Com port of a notebook is too low. If you have enough experience with such electronic components you can bypass the voltage regulator. Attention: if you do this the receiver cannot by used on a PC anymore because the voltage would be to high!

Can I use MiriServer with the IR-receiver and remote control of Hauppauge Win-TV card?

No this is not possible! MiriServer needs it's own hardware. Please refer here.