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Date: 2010-07-28


Read this How-To find out how to set up Miriam and your IR receiver. Operate Miriam is very easy and intuitive but has nearly the same power like Girder.

  • At first you need a receiver. You will find a list of supported receiver here. Depending on the receiver you use, you have to download the latest version of Miriam for your receiver. The download is an installer, which contains all Miriam files, help files, plugins and macros.
  • Now plug in your receiver on a free Com Port and memorize the number of the Com port. Now start the setup and follow the instructions on your screen. If the setup has not started Miriam yet, you have to do it manually now.
  • If this ist the first installation of Miriam the preferences dialog of Miriam will pop up. Select your preferred language and confirm by clicking the "ok" button. Now another preferences dialog will pop up. This dialog is to configure the receiver. Select the Com port, where you have plugged in your receiver. Comfirm by clicking "ok".
  • The Software is now configured and ready to be used. Next to your Windows-clock, in the tray, there is now a remote-control-symbol. If you click the symbol a menu will appear. Select "Learn a new key” to instill Miriam the first remote-control-key.