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Date: 2010-07-28


What are macros?

To execute several functions at the same time with only one key of your remote control it is necessary to use macros. You are able to create a list of shortcuts and functions Miriam will execute in specified order. You can create macros by using the "Create/Edit Macros" command of Miriam (Tray menu). Of course you can associate a key of your remote control with a macro.

The Syntax of a macro

You can easily add functions to a macro using the Macro-Editor without the use of special commands or a new script language. A line can contain various commands but every command ends with a semicolon (;). If you forget to set it or if a command is wrongly spelled, Miriam will ignore the command on execution

Hint "My text";
This function shows a text in the Miriam-Statusbar. An example:
To show the text 'Function executed' type in: Hint "Function executed";

NextFB "Number_of_the_profile";
Use this command to jump to another profile. An example:
Jump to the second profile: NextFB "2";

Sleep "time-in-ms";
Pause the macro. Miriam will continue executing the macro if the time you specified is over. An example
To wait just one second: sleep "1000";

Repeat "Number_of_repetitions";
From here Miriam will repeat all comands till EndRepeat;

End of the repetition.

An example:

Repeat "20";
Keyboard "a";
Sleep "1000";

Miriam will the press of the letter 'a' and wait 1000 ms. This happens 20 times.


Since Miriam 2.4 there are some example-macros in "../Miriam/Makros"