What is TrueCrypt PasswordDialog

TrueCrypt PasswordDialog is a password dialog for the file encryption software TrueCrypt. You can place it to the Autorun folder of your Start Menu folder and a password dialog will appear at Windows start. After typing the password for your TrueCrypt volumes the dialog will mount the configured volumes with TrueCrypt and the given password.
A sound file can be played when all volumes are mounted.


Password dialog

Configuration dialog


  • Place the executable somewhere on your hard disk (e.g.: "c:\program files\TrueCryptPasswordDialog\TrueCryptPasswordDialog.exe")
  • Create a shortcut for the executable and copy it to the Autorun folder of your Start Menu folder.
  • Execute the shortcut: The password dialog will appear.
  • Double click on the top image in the password dialog: The configuration dialog will appear.
  • Configure the program like the examples given in the dialog.
  • Click "OK" to save the configuration to the Windows Registry.

License and Operating System

This program is open-source, written in Delphi 5 by Steffen Satrapa and works only on Microsoft Windows.


TrueCrypt PasswordDialog [Version 1.1.0 (372 KB)] (executable with Delphi 5 source)
Updated: 2009-07-31